> This page is specially designed for sellers who want to own their own brand of water shoes.


VIFUUR Direct Shipping Service

We are a leading international manufacturer and seller of water shoes. The company has first-class sewing equipment, unique fabrics, stable and reliable quality, more than 100 resources, and hired experienced workers to create our brand "VIFUUR". With an international dealer network, vifuur.com is sold in more than 80 countries and has more than 500 leading retails. Now vifuur.com website is the top water shoe manufacturer and supplier brand in the world. We are proficient in the design and production of water shoes, and manufacture water shoes products for all kinds of people at very competitive prices. We provide you with fast global delivery services.

We sincerely look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you on the basis of mutual benefit. Our drop shipping service is designed for sellers who want to create their own brand of water shoes. The dropship we provide is as safe and simple as possible. You can place orders and pay directly online.

For each label design, you need to charge a fee according to the design type (including water shoes logo, packaging bag, etc.). (Please contact us for details) All your future orders will carry your own brand label, packaging label. Alternatively, you can also enable our design. Remove the label, it will not have any VIFUUR logo. So you can easily build your own brand without any cost.


If you are interested, please contact us.

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